Where do we start from? Where do we arrive?

Firstly we will discuss in person what you have in mind for you wedding, either via Skype or with a meeting if you live in London or nearby. We want to listen to your ideas and understand which is the wedding you have always dreamed about. And if you don’t know where to start from don’t worry, we will find the right direction for you. We will go together through the different options of services and help you choosing the ones that work better for you. 

After we have understood your needs and priorities we will design your wedding completely from scratch, starting from the Venue and creating a special project fully tailored on you. We will select the best Vendors of the area to match your needs, style and budget and deal with them from the initial contact up to the wedding day. We will discuss with them all the details, to satisfy your requirements and sort any issue related to their services.

We will assist you during each stage of the documents preparation in relation to the ceremony which you choose and at the same we will take care of the design of your event in every detail, working on colours and styles, to find the best palette and mood for your wedding. We will constantly be by your side reminding everything that needs to be done at the right moment, supervising the contract procedures and keeping constantly an eye on your budget, in order that everything will be done in full respect of your money.               

On the wedding day we will be there to ensure that all the Vendors will perform their services at their best, in accordance with the terms and the times we had agreed. We will sort all the last minute issues and do everything is necessary for you to fully enjoy the day, without worrying about anything.