Here I am!

My name is Rosy. I am a details addicted, a planning maniac and a tireless beauty seeker. And I have a deep and true love for Tuscany, where I have been so lucky to live for 15 years. Tuscany means history, art, architecture, but also breath taking nature, romantic villages, magical atmospheres, delicious food and amazing wine.                                       What a fabulous scenario for a wedding….

After planning my beautiful Tuscan wedding in 2008, it was natural for me to put together my creative skills with my managing background in design to produce magic memories over and over again. And this is how WeddingInWonderland was born.  

Working between London and Florence, where I have the support of my fantastic team, I love creating distinctive weddings and unforgettable moments for the Couples who are in love with this amazing region like me. I am keen to make them feeling excited about their wedding, but also relaxed, knowing that their lifetime dream is in good reliable hands.

I believe in creativity, design, harmony. 

Our weddings are fresh and creative projects and we carefully put them together to reflect your idea of life, happiness and celebration, in every single aspect. Each wedding is for us a new book to write, where everything comes out working together with our Couples, and is carefully tailored to what they wish and like.

We listen to your wants, needs, and stories, we get to know your personality and your style, and define together with you what would make your day exceptionally yours. We are seriously passionate about beauty, so style and elegance are not an option. We will be your personal beauty seekers and craft every single detail, finish and shade to create the perfect setting for your day. Classic or glamorous, country chic or eclectic, simple or sumptuous, whatever is your idea of wedding, it will be just amazing,                                  from every point of view. And an unforgettable experience for you and your beloved.