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I am a details addicted, a planning maniac and a tireless beauty seeker. I have a deep love for Tuscany, where I have been lucky to live for more than 14 years. I have studied architecture in Florence and spent my best years surrounded by the works of the Renaissance masters. This had a huge influence on my professional attitudes leading me to a constant research of harmony and perfection. Before approaching the wedding industry I have worked for more of 10 years in the interior architecture industry learning how to detail and manage beautiful design projects. After planning my Tuscan wedding in 2008, it was pretty straightforward for me to put together my creative skills with my managing background in design and my passion for Tuscany to create that magic over and over again. And this is how WeddingInWonderland was born. 

Juggling life between London and Florence, I commit to just few selected projects each year, aiming to create unique events that combine the most accurate planning with a meticulous match of nature, history, colours, materials, shapes and feelings. My mission is holding my Brides’ hand through this beautiful journey of planning their wedding gently, but diligently, making them stepping into their big day fully confident, relaxed and joyful.

My job is my passion. My Couples are more than my Clients, they are friends I care for. Still after ten years of planning events I keep getting excited for any new project, every new colours palette or mood board. I keep being emotional at every single ceremony and eating every cake. And I keep leaving the venues exhausted, sleepy and always thinking I have chosen the best job ever!